Get Nanobytes chewy sweets online!

Okay, we’re getting super close to the official launch of what we think, will become your new favourite chewy sweets; Nanobytes.

In around 6 weeks, Nanobytes will be on sale all over the UK and Europe, and available to buy online.

To mark the occasion we’ll be treating our twitter following to the chance to win these delicious sweets online.

Simply follow our official twitter account.

There you’ll be able to keep up with the newest, freshest information here at Nanobytes Mission Control.

Our Chief Nanonaut will be starting launch preperations now, but feel free to ask anything you want, by emailing

So don’t miss out ! Get your hands on these 3 earth-shattering flavours before anyone else by following @NanobytesSweets.

Don’t use Twitter? We’re on Facebook too. Click here to like our page.

See you all there !

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